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Civil Weddings


Civil weddings are very popular nowadays and still people choose the most idyllic places, like Corfu for celebrating this ceremony.

Civil weddings are being conducted at a town hall or other state building by the town’s mayor or other representative. After the civil wedding the marriage certificate will be delivered to you by the mayor.

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Our Services

  • Selection of venue
  • Selection of wedding dress and suit
  • Meeting with bridesmaids
  • Preparation of guests’ list
  • Meeting with decorators
  • Photosession-video
  • Wedding certificate
  • Wedding announcement
  • Wedding list
  • Selection of music or DJ
  • Selection of traditional wedding sweet (koufetta)
  • Wedding rings
  • Floral arrangements on pedestals
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Invites
  • Gifts for guests
  • Menu selection
  • Rice for throwing after ceremony
  • Car rentals and hotels for guests
  • Book for wishes
  • Choir
  • Fireworks
  • Hair/nails/make up