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About Us

Unique Weddings can meet your expectations regarding the design of your desired event, such as your wedding, a baptism or a corporate party. Each event and celebration is meticulously planned and organized by our ambitious team, consisting of talented and qualified people, who wish to create an event that will totally reflect your own lifestyle and personal taste.


We do know that there are a lot of decisions that have to be taken before organizing an event for a special moment of your life, so we aim at completing the whole planning process and preparation of your next event and provide you with guidance so that you may enjoy unique moments that meet your tastes.

Unique Weddings offers bespoke wedding planning and organization of other special events in the most magical places on Corfu, such as seaside resorts, private estates and traditional locations. Our design team would provide professional consulting and a creative event planning in order you and your guests to be offered an unforgettable experience.

Who We Are

Unique Weddings is located on the island of Corfu and undertakes the organization and planning of special events and celebrations, such as weddings, baptisms and corporate events. The name of our company shows that our top priority is to offer unique events, having been organized perfectly for you. All our events boast unique characteristics, like each person has.

Once you select Unique Weddings for organizing your wedding or any other event on Corfu, you have already made the best choice. The stunning settings of Corfu, where our venues are located may make your event unforgettable.

Since our customers are not only Greek people but also people coming from all over the world, we focusing on each culture’s traditions, habits and interests while planning a wedding or other event.